A few of the lovely items I bought today
Making more bags for #standishchristmasm
One of the China sets I picked up this w
A day is not complete without creating something beautiful ♡


Mission Statement

“Reuse, recycle, reinvent and repair”

Hello and welcome to my web site.

I am passionate about saving everything from landfill and I believe that the majority of items can be reused, reinvented, upcycled, repaired or given for free to other people who can make use of them.


All my fabric items are made from textiles that have been used before or textiles that are waste products from other projects. The textile products here maybe from sewing, or an upholstered piece of furniture, or a piece of clothing discarded after it has served its first owner for too long.


I try to save clothing for reinvention by using fabric dyes or alteration, making something exciting and new for a new owner. Too many useful clothes are simply shredded and have cost a huge amount in raw materials to be produced in the first place.


I love patchwork and to use scraps to create something new, useful and beautiful is a great joy for me. I'm also inspired by pretty china and vintage items.

My name is Anne and I have been sewing since I was about 7. The first thing I remember sewing was a dress for my Tressy teenage doll. The first thing I made for myself was a lined jacket, there's nothing like taking on a challenge.

My Mother was a sewer, and my Great Grandfather was a tailor, and my ancestors were silk weavers, so perhaps it's in my blood.

In recent years I have trained as an upholsterer which is another slant on the working with fabric, and I now combine this with my love of sewing to produce beautiful items.

My daughter made me a sign which said 'Today I will create something beautiful' and I certainly feel that it is my aim to create something every day.